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Welcoming remarks of the Primate of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia, His Grace Bishop Vazgen Mirzakhanyan in the presentation of the Report of activities in 2016-2017 of the State Agency for Religious Issues of Georgia PDF Print E-mail


Distinguished state, political and public figures, representatives of diplomatic missions, leaders of religious communities, sisters and brothers,

We welcome and assess positively the activities of the State Agency for Religious Issues of Georgia in 2016-2017 and consider that establishment of this agency by the Georgian Government in 2014 was right decision. Agency's works during past 4 years and activity of the staff, formed by Zaza Vashakhmadze, the head of the Agency, which is aimed at solving the problems accumulated over the years, deserves high appreciation.

But it would be desirable for the Agency to be given wider rights and opportunities to form an appropriate policy for the religious communities’ development and peaceful coexistence in the multi-national and multi-religious Georgia. In this regard, it is important to ensure an equal and fair approach to the religious communities, so they will not dispute about issues related to their historical heritage, but will unite by a common effort on the sacred work for improvement of the spiritual and moral atmosphere in the home country and to perfection of the moral character of our citizens.

Undoubtedly, the Agency's programs can be called into life within the framework of the law of Georgia, so we would recommend the Parliament of Georgia to adopt a religious law, which would mean equal approach and will give equal tax privileges and commitments for religious organizations, for the sake of the promotion of tolerance, forgiveness, love and kindness instead of aggression, hostility, crime, hatred towards each other in the Georgian blessed and distressful land.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to eradicate intolerance and aggression in society, even in the presence of so many religious sanctuaries and spiritual servants. As well as, the number of the casinos and nightclubs is increasing in the country, many times television channels broadcast programs, shows films that do not comply with our country's traditions and culture. Moreover, the State Agency for Religious Issues should also initiate efforts to combat the mentioned negative manifestations along with religious leaders, spiritual servants and faithful.

The Georgian people and society have been humane, justice, libertarian during the history and we believe that today in Georgia people continues live in the same spirit, which will give an opportunity to religious and national communities to feel themselves full citizens of Georgia and assume full responsibility towards their country.

God bless Georgia and peoples living in Georgia, the religious communities and give everyone peace.