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The Consecration Ceremony of the Foundation of Surb Mesrop Mashtots Church Was Held in Mamzara Village of Ninotsminda Region PDF Print E-mail


On the 6th of July, under the leadership of the Primate of the Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Holy Church in Georgia, His Grace Bishop Vazgen Mirzakhanyan and with the participation of the spiritual shepherd of Ninotsminda region Priest Armash Poghosyan, the spiritual shepherd of Akhalkalaki Priest Tatev Marukyan and the deacons, the consecration ceremony of the foundation of Surb Mesrop Mashtots Church in Mamzara village of Ninotsminda region was held. The local government representatives and the rural community participated in the sacred ceremony.

Living in Russia Hakob Khachaturyan, who was the resident of this village, assumed responsibility for the financing of church construction.

The ceremony started with Our Father Prayer, under the singing of hymns and psalms firstly 16 foundation stones had been washed with water and wine, after that Bishop consecrated the stones. 16 foundation stones of the church were laid by the intellectuals, community representatives and community leaders.

By the end of the foundation consecration ceremony the Head of the Diocese congratulated and blessed everyone, expressing hope that the foundation and construction of the church in the village would change the spiritual life process and bring positive changes. The Primate of the Diocese urged the school administration, the spiritual shepherd and the community leaders to develop and improve the cultural and educational life in the village.

Bishop Vazgen Mirzakhanyan highly appreciated the work, conducted by Priest Armash Poghosyan, and the support of regional leaders and the member of the Georgian parliament in the church life of the Diocese. The Head of the Diocese also blessed Hakob Khachatryan’s parents and family members, highly praising their love for the church and devotion to the nation.

The member of the Georgian parliament elected from a local constituency, Henzel Mkoyan, Chairman of Ninotsminda Sakrebulo Smbat Kyureghyan, Ninotsminda Municipality Gamgebeli Gagik Gharslyan, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Georgia, benefactor Aram Sanosyan, famous intellectual, President of “Vernatun” Union of Armenian Writers of Georgia Zhora Snkhchyan and others attended the ceremony.

According to data the village was founded here in the 16th century, but the general population has immigrated here in 1829-30s’ from Mamzara region of Erzurum. Although there is St. Gregory the Illuminator Church in the village, which was built in 1830s’ and now is in poor condition, the community found it more convenient to build the new church with the prospect of reconstruction of St. Gregory the Illuminator Church in the future. The village is also known under the name Namzara.

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