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Georgian-Armenian Youth Participated in the RA Ministry of Diaspora’s “Ari Tun” Program PDF Print E-mail

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Like in previous years, the Department of Youth Affairs of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia (Director: Valery Badalyan) actively participated in the “Ari Tun” Program organized by the RA Ministry of Diaspora for Diaspora Armenian youth’s homeland recognition, in 2016. Eighty five young Armenians, including 60 from Tbilisi and 25 from Marneuli and Bolnisi regions, participated in three stages of the program, from June 19 to July 30.

As a result of timely and good organization, the groups representing the Armenian Diocese in Georgia stood out with their discipline, knowledge of national culture, respect for the spiritual values and exemplary behavior. It should be mentioned that the participants took part in the stages of the program in the presence and under the direct supervision of the head of the department; explanatory meetings were held with the participants and their parents. Sports and intellectual games took place in Tbilisi in order to establish a cohesive team and to develop friendly relations among the future participants of the “Ari Tun” Program.

During the two-week stays, the Georgian-Armenian youth between the ages of 13 and 18 were hosted by Armenian families, toured historical monuments and religious sites in Armenia, familiarized themselves with the traditions and practices of their people, took part in the camping event in Tsakhkadzor.

The organizers of the program praised the groups from Georgia for their self-discipline and active participation. For their exemplary behavior, the groups of young people visited Makaravank Monastery and Odzun Church on their way home.

Diaspora Armenian youth were impressed by the warm welcome they received in the Motherland, learned more about Armenian history, national culture, social life, traditions and practices of their people, made new friends. These events gave new impetus to their patriotism.

The Georgian-Armenian youth returned to Georgia with great memories of their days spent in Armenia. 

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